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Our Commitment To You and Value We Promise

Jackson Financial Services grew out of passion for insurance planning so we hand select premium insurance companies to represent. We build our reputation through our personal advice and recommendations we make and provide an unbiased presentation to you on a wide range of hand selected quality products. We take pride in presenting financially strong companies that will be around to keep their promise to pay.

Q: What is your role as my advisor?

A: Our role is to consult with you on your coverage needs, research insurance options that fit the history you provide, and design a strategy with the best available options. Or specialty is the knowledge and education we share. We present the most complete insurance and health care coverage plannning at the best rate possible.

Q: What if I have questions about my insurance benefits, claim questions, billing changes, or want to change my bank account information?

A: You will receive an enrollment packet. Our goal is to help you learn how to control & navigate within your existing plan. You will receive information regarding the insurance company phone numbers for questions about a benefit, approval, billing, or a claim. You will receive immediate assistance. Should you need additional help, we will consult with you and guide you in the right direction. Click here to contact us.

Q: Can you help with my employees?

A: Yes, we strive to make your company insurance benefits as easy as possible. Once you enroll your company, you will receive a packet containing the contact information for questions about a benefit, adding, or removing employees, approvals, billing, and claims. In addition, at no extra cost – we can provide you with a Benefit Human Resource Department that you can call for help. We make sure that when we design your plan, you and your company have the right resources to turn to.

Q: What do I do when I have a rate increase and need to save money on monthly insurance costs?

A: Most people buy their insurance benefits, and health insurance to last them a long time. Sometimes the rates become outdated. Give us a call, we will review your needs and immediately research insurance options. We will carefully design a strategy that will save with the new options that are now available. We are not an overnight firm. You can count on us for generations to stand in your corner, and address your budget. You will never find an office as reliable, honest and passionate about saving you money as we are.
It is worth it to have us as part of your team. **Over the years, you can call us anytime and we guarantee a prompt response. We’ll spend the time to follow up and thoroughly review your insurance needs.

Q: How do your clients find you?

A: We have been in business for over 2 decades. Our quality time with clients upon insurance review has allowed us to build an empire of strong, loyal, and lasting clientele through years of quality referrals. We are 100% reliable, organized, efficient and dedicated. We work as a team with our clients –and our service is free to you.
Once we design the best plan for you, you rely on the insurance company for day-to-day questions and control of your plan. You count on us for solid strategies on insurance benefits & health insurance plan design. We are your advisor for life. We rely on your experience, and appreciation to refer us people you care about. No matter what- we work with you for years to rely on us to structure your insurance, save you money, present new options, and review your plan upon Open Enrollment.

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