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Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Services
We provide you immediate information. You do not have to wait to be responded to days later. Get the answers you need instantly online. You can be confident you will get your quote and be able to apply immediately. To increase your chance of planning success– call us for extra service. Our office built our business through personal relationships. We have been around long before internet quotes were even invented! We help you make sense of it all.

Do You Need Life Insurance?
Life insurance provides for you, and for those who depend on you. Denise G. Jackson, LUTCF is your personal coach. She will personally guide you through the process and create a secure “financial road map” so that clients make conscious, deliberate decisions about their family and business’ future. We keep this file in our permanent possession so that your beneficiary will be prepared for what you planned.

How Much is Right for You?
People can have trouble figuring out how much life insurance is right for them. Denise G. Jackson, LUTCF is a trusted professional. She will conduct a “Life Insurance Needs Analysis,” and recommend the appropriate amount of coverage for you.

Length of Time of Life Insurance Policy?
The longer your policy remains in force, the more likely it is that the company will pay a claim, therefore the more expensive it is. That is why whole life insurance policies have a higher premium – it’s insurance for your whole life, no matter how long you live or when you pass on. When you have a whole life policy you have assurance that you will have coverage as long as you live. As long as you pay your premium, the company will guarantee that benefits will be paid to your heirs. That is why a 5 or 10-year term life insurance policy is the least expensive. The company is less likely to pay a claim on that term life policy.

There are many types of life insurance products available. We are equipped and trained to help you with the life insurance program most suitable for your circumstances.

Life Insurance Comes Direct From Insurers You Can Trust.
The main factor in comparing whole, and term life insurance quotes is the company financially backing the policy. The cost of your life insurance policy comes directly from the insurers. We do not charge any fees to you. Life insurance policy rates can be obtained from any quoting web site nowadays. However, your cost is only part of the equation. We inform you with more factors to consider, based on our experience with the insurers:

  • How large is the insurance company?
  • How good are they at paying current claims?
  • What are their financial ratings?
  • How long has the insurance company been in business?
  • Will they be around to pay a claim?
  • Do certain companies try to find ways not to pay?

We Are Your Personal Life Insurance Coach.
When we assist you, you work directly with your personal coach Denise Gaitan Jackson, LUTCF. She will take her time to make sure you get the right coverage from the insurers who are solid, fit your budget, and meet your personal needs best. You have our guarantee that we will take the time to assist you in finding life insurance you will properly invest in, and own for many years.

Invest wisely– safeguard yourself, your family, your possessions, and your business against the unexpected turns that life can take. Secure proper life insurance coverage from the right insurer.

  • Pay off a mortgage
  • Provide your significant other with financial security
  • Provide for tuition in school and college expenses
  • Help with the costs of continuing to run a family business
  • Protect a partner’s retirement
  • Pay for final expenses (funeral costs, medical bills, taxes, debts, lawyers fees, etc.)
  • Continue the support of any beneficiary – including non-profits

Jackson Financial Services customers can get great savings on life insurance through our online quotes to compare rates on hundreds of return of premium life insurance and term life insurance coverage options. You can also receive our guidance finding the policy, and savings you need by calling us at (818) 881-8887, or emailing