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Group Insurance Planning

Group Insurance Benefits
Group insurance benefits are offered by the Jackson Financial Services for companies with at least two full time employees. Services include: medical, vision, disability, dental and life insurance.

We’ll create a Carrier by Carrier Review of quality insurance carriers. You’ll receive an employee benefits portfolio listed from least expensive to most so that you can find out about all the options that will help you attract and retain valueable employees. Don’t lose your employees to a competitor with more benefits.

Our mission is to help you offer excellent benefits while staying within your budget. As a business owner, Denise Jackson, LUTCF understands the importance of quality benefits that are affordable. We are a recognized leader in the insurance industry. Denise specializes in putting a plan together you’ll be proud to share with your employees.

Do We Offer the Best Prices?
The health insurance rates, life insurance rates, dental insurance rates, medicare supplement rates, self employed health insurance rates and group employee insurance rates you get on our website come directly from the insurance company.

Jackson Financial Services does not add or charge any additional fees. No insurance company, agent, or broker can offer a lower premium for the same insurance plans offered on our site.

This means that you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing your insurance plans through Jackson Financial Services, and rest assured you’re getting the best available price.

Satisfying our customers is a top priority at Jackson Financial Services. We bring value to our customer relationships, and maintain customer loyalty. Our system is secure, confidential and delivers you immediate planning anywhere, anytime.

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