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Company Rates

Do We Offer the Best Prices?

You Won’t Find a Better Rate:
The insurance rates you get on our website come directly from the insurance carriers. The State Department of Insurance regulates health insurance premiums. So, no matter where you buy your insurance whether from us, or direct from the insurance company – there is no effect on the cost you pay. You pay the same price for the same plan regardless of where you get it. No insurance company, agent or broker can offer a lower premium for the same insurance plans offered on our site. This means that you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing your insurance plans through Jackson Financial Services, and rest assured you’re getting the best available price.

What Makes Us Different than Any Other Insurance Firm?:
Jackson Financial Services takes the approach that you should buy a plan that you can afford 20 years from now. We design plans and strategies that show you how to get the best rate so that you can still afford your insurance plan when premium costs increase. We position you for costs that are affordable now and into your future. We show you all the leading carriers in a one stop shop and plan our design around companies that will be around to keep their promise to pay.

No Service Fees:
All of the services offered by Jackson Financial Services are provided at no cost to you. We never add or charge additional fees. We design your plan and structure it so that you’ll pay the regular premium direct to the insurance company.

Final Premium Rates:
All quotes are estimates based on preliminary information. We help you present the application information in an accurate and clear light so that the insurance company can better understand the history behind your application.

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